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Genie GITR-3 Intellicode 390mhz Remote Control GITR3-BX part 37517S

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  • GITR-3 is the replacement for discontinued: GIT-1 GIT-2 GIT-3 G2T-1 G2T-2 G2T-3 tombstone style remotes
  • 36433A.S compatible
  • Compatible With ALL Genie Intellicode® and CodeDodger® Systems
  • Intellicode Remotes Do Not Have Dip Switches Check Your Current Model Number
  • The   Genie GITR-3 remote is the ONLY remote that will work with Genie Intellicode garage door openers made between 1995 and 1998 and ONLY the right button will work.
    Date code is found on a small white sticker on the main power head of the garage door opener. 
  • 390mhz Replacement model from 1998-manufacture date to current.
  • Compatible model #s: GIC90-3 GIC-3 OCDT-3 GIT90-3 ACSCTG Type 3 and 33069T 33069S   ACSCTO Type 3 ACSCTO Type 1
  • 37517R Overhead Door model compatible
  • FCC ID: B8QACSCT Series II Electronics
  • Please email compatibility questions: sales@opendoorremote.com
  • 12v Battery and Visor Clip included
  • Detailed programming instructions included

GITR-3 Programming instructions (click)